Our Rules


Qatar Virtual Rules and Regulations:

Register Pilots who fly for Qatar Virtual must comply with the following regulations.

The Basics ( 1 )

1.1 Virtual Organizations
IVAO and VATSIM Pilots can apply to Qatar Virtual.
1.2 Registration
Pilots interested should complete the application to join Qatar Virtual.
1.3 Valid Email
During registration the pilot must register a valid email, otherwise we will cancel your registration.
1.4 Applications
Once the application has been completed, you will be sent an email, if accepted.

Operations (2)

2.1 Aircraft Selection
Pilots must commit to the aircraft available in our virtual airline only, which is on the fleet page on our website.
2.2 Flight Booking
Refrain from booking a flight if you are not sure of flying it within 24 hours.
2.3 Operating Procedures
Pilots are expected to already be familiar with and follow the airplane Operating Procedures including those relating to: Speed Limits and Fuel Management.
2.4 Fuel Management
The pilot must have enough experience to carefully calculate enough fuel for the trip,
If the pilot uses air refueling, then the PIREP will be rejected.
2.5 Simulation Mode
The Simulation Mode must be on Normal mode (1x sim rate), Avoids using the Simulation Rate, Pause and Slew modes, If used then the PIREP will be rejected.

Activities (3)

3.1 PIREPs Activities
Pilots must fly at least 3 flights per month to maintain account active status.
3.2 Flights Mode
All flights must be done in ONLINE mode while connected to the IVAO or VATSIM network.
3.3 Tours
Must Pilot choose an aircraft that is suitable as stated in the tour rules or leg description. See the description of the tour or the description of the leg. If 3 Legs rejected you will be cross off from the tour.

Reporting (4)

4.1 SmartCARS
Qatar Virtual uses the smartCARS system. it is a flight tracking software made for Flight Simulator X, Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D, Laminar Research's X-Plane, and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.
4.2 Submit PIREPs
Pilots should utilize the PIREP comments field to provide any necessary information to justify any occurrences to assist the validator and avoid inquiries/delays in validation.

Qatar Virtual Regulations (5)

5.1 Right information
You must put the right information during registration in our page, otherwise we will cancel your registration.
5.2 PIREPS Evaluate
Pilots submitting more than 3 PIREPS that are evaluated as rejected in the last 10 PIREPS (%30) will be subject for review and possible suspension or termination.
5.3 Termination
Qatar Virtual Management can terminate any member who violates the Rules & Regulations of the VA or of IVAO.