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GCC Virtuals was created on the basis that we didn't want to be like everybody else. So in mid April 2021 GCC Virtuals was born, Based on our certified Virtuals Airlines (Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, Gulf Air, Jazeera, and Etihad) and has since seen several iterations. The changes we have made have been done to always stay current and up to date.

We support the latest version of X-Plane,P3D,FSX, And the latest release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in our virtual airline.

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Flight Number Departure ICAO Arrival ICAO Duration Pilot Landing Rate Status
QR 556OTHHVABB02:49Dawoud A-255.29Arrived
QR 236LTFMOTHH03:20Dawoud A-75.36Arrived
EY 538OLBAOMAA03:05Bader A-189.93Arrived
KU 501OKKKOLBA02:59Bader A-156.87Arrived
QR 1102OTHHOBBI00:28Bader A-132.26Arrived
QR 1003OMDBOTHH00:56Bader A-370.63Arrived
GF 211OBBIOKKK00:45Dawoud A-194.54Arrived
QR 255OTHHUGTB02:43Dawoud A6.92Arrived
QR 1071OKKKOTHH01:00Dawoud A-154.56Arrived
QR 1070OTHHOKKK01:05Mohammad A-179.93Arrived

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