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Kuwait Airways is the main National Carrier for the State of Kuwait, it operates scheduled international services throughout the Middle East, to the Indian subcontinent, Europe, Southeast Asia and North America, from its main base at Kuwait International Airport (OKBK), Kuwait Airways Virtual was born on 2011. We are a part of GCCVAS

IVAO Certified Virtual Airline

We support the latest version of X-Plane,P3D,FSX, And the latest release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in our virtual airline.

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Current flights in progress

Airline Flight No. Pilot Origin Destination Altitude Progess
GCC14141 Erick Ceja 2057 Arrived
QTR8879 Ivan Santiago Hernandez Gonzalez 37004 Cruising
UAE9506 Noah Vanevski 76 Arrived
UAE2822 Mohammad AlQadeeri 48 Arrived
JZR305 Elias Youssef 327 Arrived
KAC624 Fawaz Alenezi 25999 Climbing

Recent Flights

Flight No. Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate Status
GCC14141 OOMS OERK 02.04 Erick Ceja -110 Pending
GCC14141 OKBK OOMS 02.11 Erick Ceja -58 Accepted
UAE2822 OEDF OMDB 01.10 Mohammad AlQadeeri -173 Accepted
UAE9506 KLAX OMDB 15.56 Noah Vanevski -160 Accepted
UAE838 OBBI OMDB 01.03 Mohammad AlQadeeri -50 Accepted
JZR305 OKBK LTFJ 03.22 Elias Youssef -777 Accepted
GFA216 OKBK OBBI 00.49 Mohammad AlQadeeri -133 Accepted
GFA512 OBBI OMDB 01.00 MUATH ABDULLAH -277 Accepted
QTR1002 OTHH OMDB 01.01 Hassan Arshad -110 Accepted
KAC362 VCBI OKBK 05.35 Saleh Al Enizi -100 Accepted
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Welcome aboard

Welcome to GCC Virtual Airlines, where we simulate the flight oparetions of the most mejor Airlines in the Gulf Cooperation Council (Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, Jazeera, and the historical Wataniya).

GCC Virtuals was created on the basis that we didn't want to be like everybody else. So in mid April 2021 GCC Virtuals was born with a unique crew center with everything you need to get flying.

You can fly for GCC online using IVAO or Vatsim networks.

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We support all versions of X-Plane,P3D,FSX, And the latest release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in our virtual airline.

Why don't you come aboard, and enjoy your flight with us?

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What We Offer?!

We offer some basic training available for new pilots to get accustom to fly in virtual invairoment. There's flight tracking via our SMARTcars system that will track your flights in real-time. We welcome all beginners and experienced pilots alike, we have a superb member base already, we have pilots, retired pilots and flight sim enthusiasts, who are willing to help you with any questions or issues you may have, and also chat together and keep each other company on flights via our Discord server. So, why don't you come aboard, and enjoy your flight with us?

Friendly community, make new friends and memories to remember. Jump on board and start flying without restrictions!

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