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GULF AIR is the State-Owned Flag Carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, It operates scheduled services in the Africa, Asia, and Europe, from its main base at Bahrain International Airport (OBBI), GULF AIR Virtual was born on 2021. We are a part of GCCVAS

IVAO Certified Virtual Airline

We support the latest version of X-Plane,P3D,FSX, And the latest release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in our virtual airline.

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Airline Flight No. Pilot Origin Destination Altitude Progess
ETD377 Thibault 26484 Cruising

Recent Flights

Flight No. Pilot Departure Arrival Duration Landing Rate Status
KAC671 Abdullah OKKK OMDB 01.31 -120 Accepted
QTR1316 Ahmed HEBA OTHH 02.44 -516 Accepted
QTR405 Jason OJAI OTHH 02.17 -121 Accepted
GCC1430822 Grzegorz RPLL ZSPD 02.34 -171 Accepted
GCC1430821 Grzegorz WSSS RPLL 03.11 -208 Accepted
JZR182 (1) Abdulwhab OISS OKKK 00.54 -108 Accepted
JZR181 (1) Abdulwhab OKKK OISS 00.47 -100 Accepted
QTR404 Jason OTHH OJAI 03.01 -170 Accepted
GCC1430822 Grzegorz VTCC WSSS 03.11 -338 Accepted
KAC418 Abdullah RPLL OKKK 12.40 -35 Accepted
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