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GULF AIR is the State-Owned Flag Carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, It operates scheduled services in the Africa, Asia, and Europe, from its main base at Bahrain International Airport (OBBI), GULF AIR Virtual was born on 2021. We are a part of GCCVAS

IVAO Certified Virtual Airline

We support the latest version of X-Plane,P3D,FSX, And the latest release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in our virtual airline.

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Airline Flight No. Pilot Origin Destination Altitude Progess
QTR1141 Kaled 39712 Climbing
QTR739 Schroeder 131 Arrived
QTR1082 Alkhtlan 220 Arrived
UAE1011411 Arshad 6323 Climbing

Recent Flights

Flight No. Pilot Departure Arrival Duration Landing Rate Status
QTR1082 Alkhtlan OTHH OKBK 01.18 -75 Pending
QTR739 Schroeder OTHH KLAX 16.15 -198 Accepted
UAE1011411 Arshad UGTB OAKB 02.21 -248 Accepted
QTR1140 Kaled OTHH OOSA 01.56 -123 Accepted
QTR899 (B) Heo YBBN OTHH 15.30 -141 Accepted
QTR69 Yalgin OTHH EDDF 06.03 -344 Accepted
UAE641 Yazdi OAKB OMDB 02.56 -822 Accepted
UAE1011411 Arshad UUEE UGTB 01.58 -93 Accepted
QTR671 Ismail VRMM OTHH 04.11 -245 Accepted
QTR898 (A) Heo YBBN NZAA 02.55 -279 Accepted
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1st Anniversary GCC Virtuals,

GCCVAS is pleased to announce the Anniversary GCC Virtuals Tour.
On this occasion, we will have a special tour and TAREQ ALATTAR competition.
Anniversary tour period will be 12th months, from 01st April 2022 until 31st April 2023.
TAREQ ALATTAR competition Includes 30 Giveaways, for the first 30th winners completing the tour in period 1st month from 01st April 2022 until 02nd May 2022.
Pilots registered in this tour will be automatically registered TAREQ ALATTAR competition.

TAREQ ALATTAR competition Requirements


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Welcome aboard

Welcome to GCC Virtual Airlines, where we simulate the flight oparetions of the most mejor Airlines in the Gulf Cooperation Council (Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, Gulf Air, Jazeera, and The historical Wataniya).

GCC Virtuals was created on the basis that we didn't want to be like everybody else. So in mid April 2021 GCC Virtuals was born with a unique crew center with everything you need to get flying.

You can fly for GCC online using IVAO or Vatsim networks.

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We support all versions of X-Plane,P3D,FSX, And the latest release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in our virtual airline.

Why don't you come aboard, and enjoy your flight with us?

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